[chaptered/ongoing] As a Man – Chapter 1

As a Man
© Ai Lee’s Storyline, 2012
Jung Jin Young (B1A4), Han Eun Joo (OC), and other B1A4’s members
AU, Romance, Drama
chaptered (1 of  ?)
Rating: G – PG15
Dipost dengan poster seadanya T^T sengaja post hari ini buat ngerayain our fox-leader’s birthday! Happy birthday, Jinyoung oppa~ Banas love you♥♥♥ happy reading and please leave your reviews ^^~

[2shot] Enchanted – Chapter 1


Title: Enchanted
Author: Ai Lee
Cast: Jung Jinyoung (B1A4), Han Eunjoo (OC), Yoon Gia (OC), the other B1A4 members
Genre: Romance, School
Length: Chapter (1 of 2)
Rating: General – PG+13
Author’s note: Fanfic hasil galau soal ulangan lagi. Mana besok ulangan fisika pula ㅠ ㅠ the second chapter will be update very soon~~ Nah, enjoy readers! ^^

Chapter 1

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[drabble] Midnight Birthday (Onew’s Birthday Fanfic)

Midnight Birthday

Title: Midnight Birthday
Author: Ai Lee
Cast(s): Lee Jin Ki (SHINee Onew), Lee Han (OC)
Length: Drabble [454 words]
Genre: Fluff, Family
Rating: General
Disclaimer: I OWN Lee Han and the storyline. But, I DO NOT own Lee Jin Ki or Onew. He belongs to himself. So, don’t sue me.
A/n: 생일 축하해 리더 온뉴!! I wrote it for dubu Onew’s birthday! Happy birthday!! Bisa dibilang ini sequel dari “Graze” karena emang agak nyambung. As usual, enjoy~

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[drabble] Namsan Padlock

Namsan Padlock Poster

Title: Namsan Padlock
Author: Ai Lee
Cast(s): SHINee Jonghyun, Han Hye Soo (OC)
Length: Drabble [615 word]
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Language: Indonesian
Disclaimer: I own the storyline, not the cast (except Han Hye Soo). Please, do not copy this fanfic. Thank you.
A/n: Another Dino’s drabble. Enjoy~

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